6 DIY Repurposed Trellis Ideas

Trellises are not only major space-savers, but they can give your garden a real makeover. A beautiful trellis serves a conversation piece in the garden, drawing lots of attention and giving the yard some personality.

Outfitting your garden with a trellis comes with an array of benefits. It’s easier to check for pests when you have a vertical garden, and harvesting is a cinch (no achy backs from leaning over!). All sorts of veggies, fruits and flowers can thrive on a trellis. Here’s just a sampling of trellis-friendly plants:

– Tomatoes (trellis nonbush and indeterminate varieties)

– Gourds

– Melons

– Pole beans

– Acorn and buttercup squash

– Miniature pumpkins

– Peas (nonbush)

– Cucumbers (nonbush)

– Morning glory

– Climbing rose

– Clematis

– Sweet peas

While garden centers carry plenty of trellis options, the most striking ones tend to be homemade; in other words, objects that have been ‘upcycled’ and repurposed to serve as vertical support for plants. You can let your imagination run wild here, or you can take a look at some of the great DIY trellises we’ve rounded up below. Be inspired, and make this a must-do project this year in the garden!

Wagon Wheel


Converting a wagon wheel into a trellis gives your garden a country-chic look. Just beautiful!

Bicycle Tires/Rims


If youíve got a spare bicycle lying in the garage, upcycle it into a unique trellis.

Patio Umbrella


Take that old patio umbrella and flip it on its head. Ta da! Youíve got a trellis.

Iron Bed Frame


A vintage piece like this old iron bed frame makes the perfect vertical garden.

Old Garden Gate


Transform a portion of your old garden gate or fencing into a pretty homemade trellis.

Twigs & Branches


Collect the sticks and tree branches cluttering your yard and build a ladder for your plants to lean on.

All images via Pinterest.

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