July 22 – Featured Gardens – The Humble Gardener

from: Jeannie Elliott: “No veggie garden this year, as my yard has been adopted by a honey bunny. But my homemade log planter of Petunias & other perennials, is thriving in this natural environment, invented out of necessity.”

from: Judy Abreu: “Doing well so far……”

from: Eileen Ryan Moroski: “can’t believe how big my plants are already I picked a few small zucchini already and have flowers on my tomato’s. This is unusual on Cape Cod”

from: Rebecca Chapman: “Here is our garden on about 5/20; the newspaper REALLY helps cut down on the weeds and it’s earth friendly. It’s now covered with straw and the cukes, peppers, tomatoes and strawberries are coming along nicely.”