July 21 – Featured Gardens – The Humble Gardener

from: Rebecca Chapman: “Laid down newspaper in the garden; earth friendly and economical way to keep down the weeds. Later on we’ll lay down some straw bought from a local farmer. Last year our garden loved this!”

from: Kim Tysdal: “Garden is doing great, so far! I planted almost a month earlier than I usually do. I even have tomatoes setting on. I cannot wait for all the goodies!”

from: Kathy Medlin: “My fresh veggies from our small garden! NC grown! Yummy !!”

from: Elizabeth Everett-Rogers: “We are growing: sunflowers, corn,yellow squash, zucchini, watermelon, swiss chard, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, red and yellow potatoes, lettuce, herbs, lavender, lemon cucumbers,”

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