August 7: Featured Reader Harvests!

Here at The Humble Gardener we love to feature photos from our readers’ gardens! Today we’re showcasing what our readers are harvesting. We hope these pictures will inspire you to get out there and start planting. Make sure to post a photo of your garden on The Humble Gardener Facebook page, and we’ll highlight our favorites here!

A harvest from Beth’s garden: Cucumbers, yellow squash, green beans, yellow beans, Roma tomatoes, Big Boy tomatoes, parsley, lemon basil, and basil.

Writes our community member Anne, “Yummm is there anything better than fresh veggies from the garden? Lots of great eating coming our way.”

Sandra made a raffle basket for her local women’s club from her fresh organic garden veggies!

“Just picked here in Rhode Island,” writes Karen. “Sugar peas, a green pepper, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, and two 8 ball zucchini.”

Beth harvested these strawberries back in June, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. “We have the strawberry plants coming up from our pool. That way the bunnies and the deer won’t come eat them,” she writes.

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