August 26: Featured Reader Gardens

Here at The Humble Gardener we love to feature photos from our readers’ gardens! We hope these gardens will inspire you to get out there and start planting. Make sure to post a photo of your garden on The Humble Gardener Facebook page, and we’ll highlight our favorites here!

Here’s a photo from our reader Julie’s garden: “Fresh veggies from the garden…feeling blessed!”

“We used the wheelbarrow for about 20 or so years. When it came time to retire it, I couldn’t just throw it away…it’s like a family member. So, I painted it and planted it.” –Ruth

Writes our community member Angela, “All from 3 little seeds. Can’t wait to make bird houses out of them. Just gotta Google how to know when they are ready. Would welcome any thoughts or ideas (Craft ideas too).”

“Just a little corner of heaven” in our reader Debbie’s garden.

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