8 Plants You Can Start with Only Cuttings and a Glass of Water

While there are a few of these plants that can be directly planted in soil, we find we like the “old-fashioned ” way of doing things. With some of these plants, you can simply replant the cutting in soil, but in water is easier and also allows you to check the progress. It’s also a great timesaver if you simply can’t get out the pots and replant in soil until later. Some sources say that you can use apple cider vinegar as a rooting hormone, but we’ve always just used water to great success!

4) Spider Plants

The long tendrils of this plant perfectly create lots of babies from which to make water plantings. They only need to be in water for a week or two in order to grow roots.

potted spider plant

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3) Pothos

The cutting should be about 5 inches long or so and there should be nodules under the water in the jar or vase since this is where the roots will grow from.

pothos cutting and planting

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2) African Violet

For some folks African violets represent a challenge, but for the rest of us they are a hardy standby plant which brightens the day with lovely blooms. To propagate in water place leaf with stem into water, standing up with the creative use of wax paper. Use a rubberband to secure a small section of waxpaper over a glass or jar filled with water. Poke holes in the paper for the stem to stand upright in the water. 2-5 weeks later you should have some roots which can be planted in soil.

African violet houseplant

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1) English Ivy

Vines are often very easy to propagate since they love to climb and wander and English ivy is no different. Place cuttings in only a few inches of water in a northern-facing window or indirect sunlight. In a few weeks you should see roots appearing in the water and then you can plant in soil.

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